Watch: The Most Horrible Weirdest and Strangest Human Diseases

Human life is full of some strange things which may be present in very very rare people. A person should have a good physical health to do better in society for one’s own life. There are number of diseases which may ruin one’s health.

But if the disease is horrible, weirdest and strangest what would be the life of such a person? I have collected such some horrible,weirdest and strangest diseases which doesn’t only made the affected person’s life worst,but also made them like a showpiece. Some of them call it the CURSE OF GOD.

These people are much more than brave itself because they’ve developed the courage to live with these horrible diseases. And we must salute them for their confidence and courage. Some of them get almost cured also by performing surgeries, but for others they are still living with these horrible diseases.

You’d be surprised to know that some of them made their weird disease as a source of livelihood. And thats not bad. I am sure that after looking at these brave people, your opinion about life will change. So lets go and check out below the most horrible, weirdest, dreadest, strangest diseases in Humans and the most abnormal growths formed on Human bodies.

Man with No Face

Jose Mestre suffers from haemangioma. In this abnormal condition, there are severe abnormalities in the capillaries and veins in his face. The Blood gets accumulated in his face, which has caused him to develop a huge weeping facial tumor. He is commonly called “The Man with No Face.” He has refused medical treatment because he is a Jehovah’s Witness.

Dede The ‘Tree Man’

Dede who is from Indonesia is called the Tree Man because he has tree like warts which are developed on his body especially most on limbs. This is also caused due to a genetic disorder in which the immune system is not able to fight with the spread of disease symptoms which are usually WARTS in most cases. Oh God, it looks very difficult for him to manage with daily routine.

Massive Hand

The man with the largest hand in the world underwent a seven-hour surgery in Shanghai to reduce it and make it functional. Before the surgery, his left thumb was 10.2 inches long and his index finger measured close to 12 inches.

16 Pound Face Tumor

In 2005, a Haitian teen in Miami developed a huge 16 pounds tumor in her face. She underwent a long surgery of about 16 hours with many small follow up surgeries. The tumor was growing so large abnormally that it started blocking her air passage which is meant for breathing.

This type of tumor forming disease is actually a form of genetic disease and is called Polyostotic Fibrous Dysplasia. Dr. Jesus Gomez of University of Miami School of Medicine said that,”This is a nonhereditary, genetic disease that causes bone to become “like a big a bowl of jelly with some bone inside,”

Baby with 16 Toes

A baby boy with 16 toes was born in China in November 2008. The other strange thing in him was that he got five fingers in each hand without any thumbs.This type of disease is also caused due to a genetic disorder and is called Polydactylism,and his family says they will have the extra digits surgically removed.

Massive Face Tumor

Neurofibromatosis is a rare genetic disorder of the nervous system in which nerve cells grows tumors. Huang Chuncai suffered from this dreadful disorder, which began when he was four years old He has had surgery to remove A 25-pound tumor and a 33-pound tumor was removed from his face by surgery.

Huge Neck Tumor

Huang Liqian,58, found a small weird tumor developing on the back of his neck in 1990 but he ignored it for 17 years. And this small tumor developed into a 33 pound tumor making his neck too big in size. At last in 2007, he removed the massive tumor by surgery.

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